Don’t leave your digital doors unlocked.


Identity Theft Prevention is hard, we make it easy.


Protect your family

A card for each member will secure your family from unwanted predators breaching your digital lives.


Forget your passwords

We create super-secure passwords for you with a tool that auto-fills the required fields when you log into a website.


$25,000 of cyber coverage 

As a part of our introductory membership offer we’re including $25,000 of Family Cyber Insurance (coverage begins in January of 2018).


Secure your family’s future

There is nothing more important than the integrity of your household name.

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Identity Theft Prevention starts here

This credit card sized computer is a smart, secure & convenient way to manage your passwords and critical data.

Hidden behind your biometrics and never connected to a Wi-Fi or Cellular network, Identity Card makes your data virtually invisible to hackers.

The Card

Identity Card comes with a sophisticated, yet easy to use, password management application that allows you to store & manage your critical data across all devices.

The App allows you to use your palm or fingerprint to authenticate, so no one can access your passwords without your physical presence.

And that is only the beginning!

The Software & Apps

Benefits include:

  • Access to all free application upgrades
  • Membership web portal & support forum
  • The inside track on special offers & hardware upgrades
  • Early access to pre-release & 3rd-party applications

Introductory offer also includes:

  • $25,000 of Family Cyber Insurance (coverage begins in Jan 2018)
The Benefits

The Family Cyber Protection provides your household with coverage for real-life scenarios that can harm those closest to you.

  • Cyber Bullying Response
  • Extortion Threat
  • System Compromise
  • Internet Clean Up
  • Breach Costs

(Coverage begins in Jan 2018)

The Insurance

Scott, 48


“The Identity Card is a great way to store all of your passwords. I feel more secure using a separate device than storing them using the cloud or anything on my computer.”

Kelli, 26


“This is exactly what I needed to keep my passwords and ID’S safe. Love the piece of mind the Identity Card gives me.”

Susan, 35


“I think anyone who wants to use a secure password but is tired of making them up and remembering them needs one of these.”

Lori, 29


The only real security barrier against hackers and malware. I use it for every websites I logon to.


Secure your family’s future

There is nothing more important than the integrity of your household name.

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