The Software Development Kit contains everything you need to build client software or applications that will run on our secure Identity GateKeeper card.   We’ve exposed our card platform to allow you to customize and create just about any application that will run on our credit card size computer.   We also provide a development board that will allow you to build and compile your own firmware.

Identity GateKeeper API

This is the RESTful CyberGate Firmware API reference documentation to access the file system on the card using serial port interface.

Android SDK

Information regarding out SDK to assist in building an Android mobile application

Android SDK JavaDocs

Firmware Development Board

The identity card is powered by an industry standard STM32 ARM processor supports the core functionality of the Identity Card. From there, the ARM processor integrates with NFC and Dual-mode Bluetooth wireless technologies. The card also incorporates 8GB of flash memory. Get started with our open source firmware and IAR embedded workbench.

Supported compiler and IDE

GitHub repository with open source firmware