Password Manager, Top 3 Reasons to use One

Cybersecurity has become a growing topic in the residential and corporate world, with internet hackers and cyber bullies alike fighting to make a buck on your personal and confidential information. While there’s nothing we can do to completely eliminate the risk of being cyber hacked, there are a few things we can do to reduce our chances of being a victim of things such as identity theft. At BluStor, our cybersecurity experts understand how important it is to create strong passwords when it comes to your online banking, email, and work accounts. If you’re looking for a way to get ahead of any threats on the web, it’s always wise to invest in a secure and reliable password manager that can be easily accessible to you alone. If you’re still on the fence about investing in a password management system, consider the eight reasons to do so below.

Password Managers Protect You From Theft

As the number of cybersecurity attacks increases each year, it’s important to keep all of your critical login data and passwords in a secure place. According to the PwC’s 2015 US State of Cybercrime Survey, 79 percent of respondents reported that they had a cybersecurity issue within the past year. Due to a large number of incidents that go undetected, this figure is likely even higher than reported.

A cybercrime can broadly be described as the use of the Internet and technology to steal valuable assets from their rightful owners. Should these actions take place in the so-called “real world,” they would be regarded as a breach of security and as a criminal act? Criminal activity in the cyber-world can include cyber fraud and theft of services, such as stealing credit card numbers to purchase items online. Large-scale data breaches can occur frequently when repositories of sensitive data are penetrated by sophisticated web intruders. Some hackers utilize the sound and video capabilities of home computers for blackmail and extortion purposes as well.

Password Managers Are Compatible with Numerous Devices

These days, many of us live in a multi-device world. From our desktop computers to our tablets and smartphones, more and more devices allow us to seamlessly connect to the internet or cloud. If uploading your database of passwords to the cloud is a bit unnerving, consider ordering an Identity Vault. This incredibly safe and secure piece of technology is among the best password management systems available because it is completely removed from any and all third party devices, including the cloud. Easy to connect over Bluetooth to a variety of devices, this wireless pocket-sized computer will keep all of your critical information safe from prying eyes and cyber hackers.

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You Use The Same Password For Everything

It seems we are far too often willing to sacrifice our personal security for convenience. If you’re one of the many people that use the same password across multiple online accounts, you’re putting yourself even more at risk for a cybersecurity attack. If a hacker can easily figure out your password, there’s nothing stopping them from using it to log in to your other online accounts.

A good password manager will give you the ability to store all of your login information in one secure location, so you never have to worry about remembering complex passwords again.

The Benefits of A Password Manager

A password manager is an effective tool for generating, organizing, and maintaining all of your unique username and password combinations. For additional security, many companies and individuals have incorporated a two-factor authentication system using various hardware and software solutions. This added layer of security can help to minimize your risk of cyber attacks. Since passwords are used every day to protect confidential information, it’s important to ensure that all of your passwords are kept in a secure and protected place. One of the simplest ways to manage and protect all of this valuable information is to invest in a premium password management software.

At Identity Card, we’re proud to offer the most secure and reliable password manager available. Our Identity Vault offers guaranteed safety and security from third party servers, such as the cloud and wireless internet. Order your Identity Card today!

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